Declaration on digital accessibility at IBB Business Team GmbH

We, IBB Business Team GmbH, strive to make our online presence accessible in accordance with Sec. 4 Act on Accessible Information and Communication Technology in Berlin (Barrierefreie-IKT-Gesetz Berlin - BIKTG Bln) of 4 March 2019 and the technical requirements of the Accessible Information Technology Regulation (BITV - Regulation on Creating Accessible Information Technology according to the Disability Equality Act 2.0 (Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz)) in its wording of 21 May 2019.

This declaration on digital accessibility applies to the website

1. Status of compliance with requirements

This website is fully accessible with respect to Category A criteria.

2. Non-accessible content

All criteria have been fulfilled within the scope of required actions (Category A).
If you nevertheless identify any barriers to access, please let us know using our Contact form.

3. Preparing this declaration on digital accessibility

This declaration on accessibility (last updated: 06/10/2020) is applicable to the version of this website that is currently available online ( and relates to the test results of e-pixler NEW MEDIA GmbH according to the BITV audit procedure of 15/08/2016.

4. Feedback and contact details

If you would like to notify us of deficiencies in relation to our compliance with the accessibility requirements and to receive information on content that is excluded from the statutory provisions, please send an e-mail to You can also use our Contact form.

You can also contact us by post:

IBB Business Team GmbH
Bundesallee 210
10719 Berlin

5. Execution

In order to guarantee that this website satisfies the requirements described in Sec. 4 BIKTG Bln, you can contact IBB Business Team GmbH and provide corresponding feedback. You will find the relevant contact details under Sec. 4 of this declaration.
If IBB Business Team GmbH fails to respond to your query within the timeline stipulated by Sec. 5(4) BIKTG Bln, you can contact the State of Berlin's Digital Accessibility Officer (Berliner Landesbeauftragte für Digitale Barrierefreiheit) who is organisationally a part of ICT Management at the Senate Department for the Interior and Sport.
You can reach the State of Berlin's Digital Accessibility Officer via the following link:

6. Our online presence takes into account the following among other things:

Our language

We strive to write our information and our articles in such a way that visitors who are not familiar with the topics can also understand them. You can look up explanations of technical terms in our Funding Lexicon. Please write to us if you think the texts on our website are too complicated.

Accessible web design

When designing and developing the website, we made sure that it is easy to use, that the texts can be scanned easily and that the layout can be zoomed freely. The website can also be navigated with optimised keyboard shortcuts and screen readers.

7. Other planned measures

We are currently working on making our services available in simple language as well.

8. Declaration version


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