Businessplan-Wettbewerb Berlin-Brandenburg (BPW)

The Businessplan-Wettbewerb Berlin-Brandenburg (BPW) is Germany's largest start-up initiative. You will get help with creating your business concept (business plan or business model canvas) with free support such as seminars, workshops, networking, consultations and feedback.

Anyone interested can submit their business concept to the competition and have it evaluated by BPW jurors over three phases. Substantiated feedback helps to streamline the concept. The best concepts in each phase are awarded prize money. Anyone with a business idea which they want to implement in the region is welcome to take part. The project has no limits on sector. You can take part with a business plan and a business model canvas.

Check out the BPW website for more information on the wide range of support available for your start-up.

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The BPW helps start-ups create a business concept using:

  • Knowledge in seminars, workshops, online initiatives and forums
  • Networking to build up your own contacts with different online and offline event formats
  • Advice on individual questions in personal consultations
  • Competition in three phases with the chance to get prize money and feedback

Getting involved is easy:

Register with the BPW and take advantage of their free, no-obligation offer. Set up appointments and consultation queries online. The competition is also run digitally on the platform.

Knowledge, Networking, Advice, Competition - the BPW supports you on your journey to being an independent business owner with free initiatives.

Take advantage of seminars and workshops to expand your knowledge, build up your own business network and get support from more than 300 consultants. 

We award prize money to the best concepts every year. All submissions receive feedback across each of the three phases of the competition from the BPW jurors.


Hotline: 030 / 2125-2121


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