Strength for Berlin in numbers – the many faces of IBB Business Team GmbH

With our funding schemes, we are making Berlin future-ready. We are increasing the competitiveness of companies, doing our bit to renovate existing properties and implementing measures to help Berliners improve their quality of life.

Since our inception in 1997, we have grown with our mission and today run ten different schemes and projects on behalf of the State of Berlin and Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB). In addition to funding activities, we also act as a service provider for Investitionsbank Berlin where we are dedicated colleagues at reception, in the communication hub and in the post room.

Excellent work only comes about with an excellent team that pursues and achieves ambitious goals with outstanding drive and responsibility. That's why under our roof, collaboration is shaped by reliability, trust, a human touch and mutual respect. We are constantly working to improve our services, responding to all incoming enquiries professionally and as quickly as possible, and providing you with a professional level of service in all matters – for a better Berlin, together.

Digitalprämie Berlin & Berliner InvestitionsBONUS team

We support the digitisation of company processes and IT security among freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and do our bit to increase the efficiency and sustainability of Berlin's economy. Since 2022, we have also been the point of contact for business investments and assist Berlin SMEs, freelancers and full-time self-employed people with their questions about investment support.

Coaching BONUS team

We fund coaching services on a number of topics at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and do our bit to making the Berlin economy more professional and efficient.


Transfer BONUS team

We help SMEs make novel products and innovations ready for market. We do this by connecting science and research institutions with businesses. Subsidies of up to €45,000 are available for joint research and development activities.


GründungsBONUS and ENEO (Energy Advice for Efficiency and Optimisation) team

We support innovative business models with up to €50,000 during their set-up phase. Berlin's property owners can apply for grants for conducting energy surveys, so as to conduct sensible and efficient energy renovations in their properties.


HeiztauschPLUS and GründachPLUS team

As part of the HeiztauschPLUS scheme, we process your applications for funding to replace old heating systems and for subsidies for renovation schedules.
With our GründachPLUS roof greening initiative, we promote the expansion of roof oases and help to limit the negative impacts of climate change. We are available for any questions relating to either climate action scheme.


Wirtschaftsnahe Elektromobilität (WELMO), Abbiegeassistent Berlin, LastenradPLUS and EnergiespeicherPLUS team

We support Berlin's economy with grants for advice on e-mobility and for purchasing electric and hybrid vehicles, turn assistance systems, and cargo bikes, and provide funding for setting up local photovoltaic power store units as part of our EnergiespeicherPLUS initiative.


BPW team (Businessplan-Wettbewerb Berlin-Brandenburg)

We help start-ups establish new business concepts (business plan or business model canvas) with free support such as seminars, workshops, networking, consultations and feedback. As part of the competition, we award over €50,000 in prize money.


deGUT team (Deutsche Gründer- und Unternehmertage)

Every year, we host one of the most important German start-up and entrepreneur expos in the capital where we provide reliable knowledge and advice on every aspect of running your own business and being self-employed.


Reception team

We welcome visitors to Investitionsbank Berlin and their subsidiaries and direct them to the right person every day, as well as sending delivery partners to the right place.


Communication hub team

Our phones are ringing off the hook every day with enquiries about the funding available from IBB and its subsidiaries. We direct these enquiries to the right contact partner and provide information on current issues.


Post room team

The post room takes care of all the deliveries that come to us. The team delivers the post electronically and in person and handles outgoing postal deliveries.


Marketing and PR team

We look after the company's external appearance. Whether it's flyers, events, websites or press enquiries: we create and review all forms of communication so that IBT always looks and sounds like IBT.



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