The management team at IBB Business Team GmbH

Since April 2024, the management of IBB Business Team GmbH has consisted of Tanja Lorenz and Dirk Maass, who jointly manage the company.

As the Managing Directors of IBB Business Team GmbH we are proud of the work we and our team do to provide Berlin start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and property owners with a wide range of funding opportunities which lay the foundations for successfully launching and growing businesses, and help to improve energy use in the city and contribute to future-focused mobility.

Geschäftsführung im Porträt: Tanja Lorenz und Dirk Maass (v. l.)

Tanja Lorenz

has been Managing Director of IBB Business Team GmbH since April 2024. The business administration graduate has worked at IBB for 22 years, 15 of them in management positions. She is an expert in Berlin's funding business and establishes processes and structures for funding programs.

Dirk Maass

has been Managing Director of IBB Business Team GmbH since 2016. He holds qualifications in Property and Real Estate and a degree in Economics, majoring in Marketing/Sales. Dirk Maass began his professional journey at Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) in 1993.

The Supervisory Board at IBB Business Team GmbH

The company's Supervisory Board is made up of three members who have been supporting and advising IBB Business Team since 2016. Angeliki Krisilion was elected as Chair of the Supervisory Board in April 2024, with Stephan Hoffmann taking over as Deputy Chair.

Angeliki Krisilion

has been elected as Chair of the company's Supervisory Board. She is a member of the Board of Management of Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) and is responsible for the Back Office division. In this role, she is responsible for real estate development and corona aid, finance and controlling, information compliance and organizational management, information technology, credit management and corporate compliance.

Stephan Hoffmann

holds the position of Deputy Chair of the company's Supervisory Board. In addition, he has headed the business development division at Investitionsbank Berlin since 2006 and is responsible for financing companies in the form of grants and loans.

Isabelle Boddeutsch

is the third member of the company's Supervisory Board. She spent several years working in Investitionsbank Berlin's Private Home Renovations/Demolitions office before taking up a position as Assistant to the Board of Directors in 2011. Since 2016, Isabelle Boddeutsch has been Chief of Staff for the Board of Directors and Public Finance teams.

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