The special impact: Promoting non-technical projects with ProNTI

A modern society needs innovative solutions - but it also needs systemic changes, creative impulses and new ways of solving problems. In all sectors, there are non-technical ideas, products and projects that are to be supported by the "Program for the Promotion of Non-technical Innovations (ProNTI)" of the State of Berlin. These can be innovative business models, innovations in the cultural and creative industries, or projects with a high social impact. Important to know: Technical elements are allowed - but they should not be the purpose of the project.


What are the requirements for innovation funding?

The following requirements are the basis for funding creative and non-technical projects:

  • The project must be carried out in the state of Berlin.
  • The applicant company's secure financing must be presented in a comprehensible manner using suitable documents and, upon request, must also be proven during the duration of the project.
  • The appropriateness of the project's work, time and expenditure planning must be demonstrated in a suitable form.
  • Double funding excluded: Eligible expenditures may not be combined with other grant funds.
  • The planned project results must be a plausible basis for increasing company-related or regional value creation and employment or generate social added value.
  • The project cannot be realized at all or only with a time delay and on a significantly smaller scale without funding.
  • The project must be risky in a positive sense and innovative at the same time.
  • The company and/or its products and/or services have a concrete unique selling proposition.
  • For the application, a registration number is required, which documents the registration in the transparency database of the state of Berlin with all mandatory information.
  •  The economic, ecological and social sustainability of a project and its results must be given.

As a rule, the project duration should not exceed 12 months and may be extended to a maximum of 18 months in individual cases if duly justified.

Who can apply for the innovation funding?

The ProNTI funding program is aimed at:

  • innovative SMEs and SMEs in the social economy as defined by the EU with their company headquarters, branch office or a permanent establishment in Berlin, whose business model is predominantly aimed at generating market income in competition with other providers.

In which project phases will applicants be funded?

Funding is available for projects that are in at least one of the following three project phases:

  • Project Phase Validation

In this phase, a practical, quasi-experimental context is used to investigate whether the project is practically applicable or whether the creative, non-technical innovation is feasible.

  • Project phase Pioneering

The second phase consists of projects that test how well the product can be used or whether it is already ready for the market, for example, with the help of pioneer users and potential customers.

  • Project phase Commercialization

In the third phase, the non-technical innovation is to be transferred to commercial implementation.

Projects for which an application is submitted should be in one of these three phases. After successful project completion, it should be possible to submit a follow-up application for further development of the project results. Projects that are planned from the outset over two successive phases can also be applied for in parallel.


How much funding is available for non-technical innovations?

ProNTI funding is provided on a pro-rata basis. This means that each applicant company must make an appropriate contribution of its own.

For SMEs that have been in existence for less than 5 years, the maximum funding amount is 75% of the total eligible expenses. SMEs that have been in existence for more than 5 years, on the other hand, can receive a maximum grant of 50% of the total eligible expenditure.

Funding is provided in the form of pro-rata financing as a non-repayable grant of the following eligible expenses:

  • Personnel expenses (fixed flat rates)
  • External services (expert opinions, training/coaching, research contracts, studies, market research services, external development services)
  • Participation expenses
  • Material and travel expenses

Innovation funding through grants is

  • in the Validation project phase limited to max. 60,000 EUR per project,
  • in the Pioneering project phase limited to max. 120,000 EUR per project,
  • in the project phase Commercialization limited to max. 120,000 EUR per project,
  • in the case of projects that extend over two phases, limited to a maximum of 140,000 EUR per project.


The respective maximum amount may be exceeded in individual cases upon application in the case of projects that serve overriding location interests by decision of the sponsor.


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