Coaching BONUS – Business Coaching funding in Berlin

Coaching BONUS is a funding scheme initiated by the State of Berlin which provides grants to Berlin companies for coaching services. This offer is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including start-ups and company successions.

You can find the State of Berlin's Terms and Conditions for the Coaching BONUS funding in the Funding Guidelines (pdf - only available in German).

What does the Business Coaching funding scheme cover?

The programme provides specialist support in the following areas and more:

  • Optimising or creating a business plan
  • Setting up a financing strategy: financial planning or
    developing financing concepts
  • Developing a growth strategy
  • Support on digitisation projects
  • Managing company succession
  • Internationalising companies or business models
  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Building up sales concepts and ideas
  • Selecting and implementing control systems
  • Setting up or optimising your organisational structure
  • Securing and managing company succession
  • Installing QMS (up to audit)
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Who can apply for Coaching BONUS?

Start-ups and SMEs can apply for funding if they:

  • demonstrate a clear focus on technology;
  • are part of the creative industry – with initial sales; and
  • are companies in the social economy.
  • Companies in the manufacturing sector and those which offer production-related services can apply for coaching on company succession or internationalisation regardless of their industry.

The company submitting the application must have its registered office or a permanent establishment in Berlin. The coaching service must be provided in Berlin by a coach selected from the programme's own Coach Pool (only available in German).

The three groups of companies named are also subject to individual eligibility criteria (only available in German).


How much funding is available?

Coaching BONUS awards small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups grants for coaching services provided by the programme's own selected consultants. These grants are non-repayable. In principle, funding can only be provided for the coaches' fees, not for travel expenses and other costs.

If a company is applying for funding for the first time and receives a positive decision, the first two coaching days are completely free.

Each company can receive funding for a maximum of 20 coaching days.
After the two free days, the costs for a further 18 days maximum are covered as co-financing.

The size of the grant is dependent on the amount of time the company has already been on the market:

  • 80% grant for net consultancy costs for companies on the market less than 5 years;
  • 50% grant for net consultancy costs for companies on the market more than 5 years;

The remaining costs are borne by the companies receiving the funding as a co-payment.

The VAT due on the invoice amount is borne by the company. Companies or start-ups which are not entitled to make input tax deductions can receive gross funding.

Coaching fees are subsidised at a maximum day rate of €1,000 net. Only consulting services provided by coaches who are listed for the programme can be subsidised.

The company commissions the coaching service subject to prior successful approval by the project sponsor.

Please note that the Coaching BONUS works according to the reimbursement principle. This means that you must pay the coaching costs in full up front and then submit an invoice to us in order to be reimbursed.

Please note that funding can only be provided to cover fees charged by coaches who are listed in our Coach Pool.


Please submit your application for Coaching BONUS funding using the electronic application and management system. You can enter all the relevant information there. The system also provides a convenient document management tool. Please observe the mandatory eligibility criteria and necessary documents!

Please note that applications can only be submitted in German. Please familiarise yourself with the eligibility criteria and necessary documents before applying!

Information on applying and necessary documents (only available in German)


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