ENEO – The Berlin funding scheme for energy advice and energy surveys

With the ENEO funding scheme (Energy Advice for Efficiency and Optimisation), owners of properties in the capital receive help with renovating buildings to make them more energy efficient.

The project subsidises energy surveys and helps building owners to implement energy efficiency measures by providing professional energy advice.

What does ENEO cover?

The ENEO funding scheme is based on three pillars:

  • Energy advice provided by qualified experts
  • Subsidies for conducting an energy survey
  • Individual, free support in the run-up to the renovation

Free advice from the ENEO team

Anybody undertaking energy-related renovations or modernisations to residential properties must answer a lot of questions before they begin. What renovations will create the greatest savings? What is structurally feasible? What is the most effective way of using the available budget?
The ENEO team can help you clarify these issues. You will get comprehensive, expert information on renovating buildings for energy efficiency and how the funding process works. This also includes recommendations on how to implement the measures from the energy survey in practice, such as:

  • Cost-effectiveness analyses;
  • Possible funding; and
  • Financing scenarios.

This support is free.

Who is eligible for funding for energy surveys?

The ENEO funding scheme helps owners of residential properties in Berlin renovate buildings to make them more energy efficient. It also covers residential buildings used privately, and rental buildings.

Examples of eligible parties include:

  • Private landlords;
  • Housing cooperatives;
  • Property owners' associations;
  • Property companies; and
  • Private investors.

Are you a Berlin company looking to make your commercial buildings more energy-efficient? Then take advantage of the free advice available from the "Koordinierungsstelle für Energieeffizienz und Klimaschutz im Betrieb (KEK)" and chat to experts.



Please note that applications can only be submitted in German. Please familiarise yourself with the eligibility criteria and necessary documents before applying!

Please submit your application for ENEO funding using the electronic application and management system. You can enter all the relevant information there. The system also provides a convenient document management tool. Please observe the mandatory eligibility criteria and necessary documents!

Information on eligibility criteria, how to apply and required documents


Framework Conditions

Please note:

  • each residential building may only receive funding once per owner;
  • owners may receive a maximum of three ENEO grants per year for different residential buildings.

We have put all the requirements for receiving funding together in one place on this page: Eligibility criteria & How to apply.

Combine ENEO with other funding schemes

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