GründachPLUS – Berlin's funding scheme for more roof greening

GründachPLUS is a funding scheme from the Senate Department for Environment, Transport and Climate Action that will increase quality of life in the capital through green roofs.

Subsidies are available for greening the roofs of buildings in certain areas of Berlin with more than 100 square metres of vegetation.

You can find the State of Berlin's Terms and Conditions for the GründachPLUS funding scheme in the Funding Guidelines (pdf).

What does the GründachPLUS provide funding for?

The Berlin funding scheme for roof greening was designed to provide comprehensive funding for construction measures aimed at creating living roofs, renovating roofs to make them greener, urban gardening, garage roof greening and green roof terraces.

GründachPLUS offers two funding streams for planned roof greening projects:

  • Regular funding; and
  • Green Roof Lab projects.

Both are aimed at the creation of green or living roofs on existing properties, while Green Roof Lab funding is reserved for high-quality and exemplary projects.

Regular funding

Green Roof Lab

Eligible applicants to the regular funding stream can receive grants for conducting roof greening projects on existing properties with a planned green area of at least 100 m². This includes carport greening and garage roof greening.

Green Roof Lab projects are sophisticated roof greening projects with a high level of quality which will act as examples for later projects. They are characterised by an innovative, experimental, participatory or community-focused approach.


Regular funding for roof renovations and roof greening is available exclusively for inner-city areas with limited open space and high levels of pollution.

Funding may also be provided for greening new builds (roofs and façades) and for actions outside of the support region
in justified individual cases.
Decisions regarding eligibility and the amount of the grants will be taken by a committee chaired by the Senate Department for Environment, Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action.


More information on the regular funding module (only in German)

More information on the Green Roof Lab funding module

How much green roof funding is available through GründachPLUS?

The financial assistance provided through this programme will be awarded as a one-time, non-repayable project subsidy for each eligible building.

Regular funding

Green Roof Lab

  • 75% of costs for materials and labour, up to a maximum of €60,000 per building; and
  • 50% of planning and consulting costs, up to a maximum of €10,000 per building

The projects funded must be carried out at an eligible inner-city location.

  • Up to 100% of costs for materials and labour
  • Amount of funding determined by funding committee
  • 50% of planning and consulting costs, up to a maximum of €10,000 per building

Who is eligible for roof greening funding?

The Berlin GründachPLUS funding scheme is aimed at:

  • Landowners;
  • Beneficiaries;
  • Leaseholders.

Subject to permission from the beneficiaries, applications may also be made by:

  • Initiative groups;
  • Stakeholder groups;
  • Associations, meeting places or retirement homes.


Please submit your application for GründachPLUS funding by post.

Please note that applications can only be submitted in German. Please familiarise yourself with the eligibility criteria and necessary documents before applying!

Go to mandatory eligibility criteria and necessary documents (only available in German)!

Combine the GründachPLUS with other funding schemes

Are you planning to undertake energy efficiency measures as part of your roof greening project and are looking for additional financial support? Then you could benefit from applying for other funding schemes and combining these with GründachPLUS:

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