LastenradPLUS – funding scheme with subsidies for cargo bikes in Berlin for commercial, freelance and non-profit purposes (closed)

Cargo bikes are an eco-friendly alternative to diesel or petrol vehicles which have integrated seamlessly into Berlin's commercial transport system. The use of cargo bikes is constantly increasing, especially in the commercial sector. In order to motivate businesses, associations and self-employed persons to transition to cargo bikes, the Berlin Senate Department for Environment, Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action initiated a commercial cargo bike funding scheme in 2021.


The LastenradPLUS funding scheme was available for a limited time until 31/12/2021 and ended according to plan. Applications can no longer be submitted.

Handwerker steht mit Lastenrad vor einem Haus

More and more companies, self-employed persons and associations in Berlin are recognising the benefits of cargo bikes for commercial transport around Berlin. The cargo bike subsidy is intended to incentivise companies with their registered office or a branch office in Berlin and also Berlin-based associations, organisations and freelancers to transition to cargo bikes or cargo trailers for short journeys in and around the city. This will not only help to increase quality of life and the environment in Berlin, but will also provide significant competitive advantages to companies who use this means of transport.

What is covered?

Subsidies are provided for the purchase of:

  • Cargo bikes without electric assist;
  • Cargo bikes with electric assist;
  • Bike trailers designed for transporting goods.

Applicants can receive grants for up to 10 of the vehicles described above.

The purchase must not have already been made at time of approval or receipt of approval from IBT GmbH to begin this action in advance. A binding declaration to conclude a contract on the part of the applicant (e.g. placing an order for a vehicle) will be considered the start of a project.

Who is eligible for funding

The following companies are eligible to apply: 

  • Companies, freelancers and associations working in Berlin;
  • Which wish to procure (purchase) at least one used cargo bike, e-cargo bike or bike trailer designed for transporting cargo which will be used predominantly for commercial, non-profit or freelance purposes;
  • The applicants must furthermore have a registered office, permanent establishment or branch in Berlin.

How much funding is available?

Applicants who meet all eligibility criteria can receive funding in the form of a non-repayable subsidy.

  • A subsidy of up to €500.00 may be applied for in order to purchase a bike trailer for cargo transport.  
  • The subsidy for cargo bikes without electric assist is €1,000.00.
  • Funding of up to €2,000.00 is available for electric cargo bikes.

Combine the LastenradPLUS with other funding schemes

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