From Berlin universities to the world: Promoting innovation with ProValid

Is it worthwhile to continue researching here and, with a little support, will we even succeed in commercial exploitation? How much potential does the research project have? Is it a real innovation?

The process of validating scientific projects is always a critical milestone, as investors and companies are rarely willing to invest at this early stage. The "Program to Promote the Validation of Research Results" (ProValid) gives Berlin universities, including both universities and universities of applied sciences, the opportunity to validate research results in terms of their application orientation. This is intended to increase the chances of exploitation, for example through licensing, sale or spin-off from the university, and to pave the way into the economy.



What are the requirements for innovation funding?

The following requirements are the basis for funding:

  • The research project should be carried out in the state of Berlin and at a Berlin state university.
  • The research project must appear feasible.
  • The research field and research results must demonstrate originality.
  • Exploitation relevance of the research field and research results must appear plausible.
  • Integration of market and customer requirements (can also include the involvement of companies) in the further development and development of commercial exploitation prospects within the framework of the project.
  • Suitability of the project team, planned approach, and tools for identifying research approaches relevant to commercialization.
  • Overall funding for the research project is demonstrably secured.
  • Economic, ecological or social sustainability of a research project and its results must be given.

As a rule, the project duration should not exceed 12 months and can be extended to a maximum of 18 months in individual cases upon application with sufficient justification.

Who can apply for scientific funding?

The Berlin Innovation Support Program is aimed at:

  • Berlin institutions of higher education: state-run institutions of higher education such as universities, art colleges and universities of applied sciences or universities of applied sciences
  • joint projects between Berlin universities
  • project partnerships of Berlin universities with SMEs in the capital region

Validation activities of research projects are not funded,

  • if they are carried out on behalf of and for the account of third parties,
  • if they indirectly benefit persons who have already founded a company to market the research results.

Which activities within the research project are funded?

All validation activities to be carried out in Berlin at non-marketable stages are supported.

This includes, for example, the following activities:

  • Verification of technical feasibility (e.g., further technical development, prototype development, testing of possible production processes).
  • Proof of basic applicability (e.g. identification of applications, adaptation to different application contexts, acceptance tests with producers and users)
  • Proof of economic potential (e.g. market potential analyses, search for exploitation partners, development of business models)
  • Patent analyses and patent protection (e.g. patenting, analyses of the property right situation)

How much funding do universities receive?

Non-repayable funding for validation activities within Berlin research projects takes the form of full funding for the following eligible expenses:

  • Personnel, material and travel expenses
  • expenses for participation procedures
  • other third-party services such as expert opinions or training

Eligible project expenses are limited to a maximum of 140,000 EUR per research project.

Within this limit, funding for validation activities of eligible direct project expenditures may not exceed EUR 100,000. In addition, 40% of the funding requested for the validation activities may be approved as a lump sum for eligible indirect project expenses (overhead costs) of the universities.

Funding that makes a big difference!

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