BEK 2030 and funding for sustainable buildings

Cities account for around 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. The main culprits here are buildings and urban transport. The State of Berlin is conscious of this responsibility and has firmly enshrined climate action as part of its policy in the Berlin Energy Transition Act.

The Berliner Energie- und Klimaschutzprogramm (BEK, Berlin Energy and Climate Action Initiative) sets out exactly what steps will be taken to achieve these goals and has already been put into action. There is an enormous amount of potential in the areas of "Buildings and urban development" and "Energy" in particular. Plans include increasing the rate at which buildings are renovated to improve energy to an average of 2% per year by 2050, creating easy access to information and advice, maintaining and upgrading strategically important green and open areas, and lowering urban CO2 emissions. In the area of "Energy", other central objectives include weaning the city off fossil fuels, expanding solar energy, using excess energy from solar energy systems and using efficient and low-emission energy systems.

The aim is for the residents of Berlin to be just as involved as the city's companies and for everyone to be encouraged to help put these measures into action.

The Berliner Energie- und Klimaschutzprogramm 2030 (BEK 2030) - The foundation of sustainable funding in Berlin

Most buildings and economic activities are concentrated in urban population centres like Berlin. The capital needs to steel itself against the effects of climate change, such as rising temperatures, gaps in the supply of water and energy, and extreme weather events.

As a green European metropolis and a capital city with a high quality of life, Berlin wants to do its bit to limit the negative impacts of climate change and to give its residents the opportunity to get involved and make their own contribution.

Sustainable funding for your properties in Berlin

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